When Kathia, the police's alluring special agent gets to know that her colleague, Jack stiffs on her, she is immediately ready with a great back-up plan: trapping the liar bastard with his own bait. Kathia doesn't hide her real side anymore, and shows off the way that a perfect domina punishes the ones who truly earn it! Follow her to a fancy fetish tour, behind the scenes of the police's real penal procedure!
  Kathia Nobili Leda            
  POV, director's view, hardcore, lesbian, solo, kinky, facial, blowjob, dildo, extreme, fetish, fingering, foot fetish, small tits, strap-on, threesome, vaginal sex, brunette, blonde, European, police, bed, gangster
  System requirements:
  Year: 2012.10.11
Platform: PC / Windows
License: Freeware
Language game: English
Language: English
Sound language: English
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Size: 1.0 Gb
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