Lesson of Passion (LOP)


Year: 2012
Genre: SLG, Flash
Censorship: None / a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
License: Freeware
Size: 595Mb
Language Games: English
Language: English
Language: English

  System requirements:  
  Windows/Xp/Vista/Windows7, browser with support for Adobe Flash Player  

In the collection of the following games:
Lession of Passion GOLD
- Tori 500 Dirty Business
- Living with Britney v. 4.2
- Sisters
- Thorne - Virtual Passion.

Lession of Passion
- My sex Date Emily
- Kelly Velvet Bar
- Kelly Comming home
- My sex date Megan
- Passion One
- Tori 500 Top Model v. 2.02 with endings. Posted 100 000 coins at the start.
- Tori 500 Top Model with endings.
- Tori 500 lesbian passions with endings.
- Jordan 500 High Class Customers with endings.
- The Agency
- Alice Erection Race
- Bussines trip
- Lesbian fashon with endings
- Moonlust the first bite
- Bitcher
- Casino of Passions
- Katsumi cheating Wife
- Verona project part 1 and 2
- High School romance
- Torn E
- Passion Hotel
- The Heist Audra and Rhett.
- Olga: 20 dollars girl.
- Elven Fantasy
and other game.

  A small FAQ on running games
  How to make it so that the ending would have appeared in games Tori 500 Dirty Business, Living with Britney, Sisters, Thorne - Virtual Passion
It's pretty simple:
1. We must go to "Control Panel" (My Computer - Control Panel)
2. Found in the Control Panel icon "Adobe Flash Player"
3. Run the setup Adobe Flash Player (click on the icon twice)
4. In the next window select the tab (Advanced)
5. Press (Trusted Locations Settings)
6. Next, click on (Add file)
7. Specify the file lwb.swf, sisters.swf, tronewb.swf
8. Click OK.
  How to edit the settings in the 500 Tori Dirty Business  
  Who wants to cheat the other configuration - hex-editor in your hands. While on the other hand, simply edit the file sol-.

The displacements are given for the patched swf-file in the original they are less than 4.
Byte order everywhere except float64, little-endian. Float64 is stored as a drug addict-endian two uint32 - too lazy to come up with an explanation of slender, just look at the example of the reputation.
Money: the shift 0015fe17, uint32. Example: 100 = 64 00 00 00 200 000 = 40 0d 03 00.
IQ: 0015fcde, uint32.
Selfdefence: 0015fd6d, uint32.
Blowjob: 0015fd7e, uint32.
Fuck: 0015fd8f, uint32.
Anal: 0015fda0, uint32.
Striptease: 0015fdb1, uint32.
Reputation: 0015fe28, float64. Example: 10000 = 40 C3 88 00 00 00 00 00 00 88 Memory = C3 40 00 00 00 00 swf.
  How do I edit the settings in Living with Britney  

Another way to edit the settings:
To edit the settings, use any sol. editor.
File with the parameters of the session can be found at:

From: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Macromedia \ Flash Player \ # SharedObjects \ REVTLY93 \ localhost \ <path to the folder with the game>
The folder contains the file: lbw.sol
open it in an editor and edit the settings:
hy (hygiene) - Hygiene
cl (cleaning) - Cleaner
fi (fitness) - figure
kn (knowledge) - knowledge
co (cooking) - Chef
money - money

Save the changes, close the editor.

and then restart the game, select "Continue"


You can also use ready-made file, putting it in the folder with the saved parameters.

(The parameters appear on the second day, after the first save)

LOP.rar - 600.5 MB

  Download from InterFile