Yuusha / You Can't Escape From The Hero! (Illusion) [uncen] [2009 г., 3D, Fighting, Adventure, Simulator, jRPG, Fantasy] [jap / eng / rus] + [mods]


Year: 2009
Censorship: None
Genre: 3D, Fighting, Adventure, Simulator, jRPG, Fantasy
Developer: Illusion
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (Genuine)
Medicine: Yes
Language: Japanese / English / Russian (translation of the plot by 85%)
Type of translation: the text is translated, the sound of the original Japanese
Language: Japanese / English

  System requirements:  

CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or Pentium 4 3.0GHz or (Core 2 Duo or better)
OS: Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7
RAM: 512MB/1Gb :: HDD: 4000MB ::
DirectX: 9.0c Pixel Shader 3.0 :: Resolution: 1600 * 1200 :: VRAM: 256MB

  Once upon a time, big burning rocks were dropped all over the world by the Devil. The soldiers tried to kill the Devil, but they failed.... Many years later, a tradition was found. It was called the tradition of Roto and it included the day of the Devil's revival and the way of sealing him up. The soldiers, who heard the Devil would come back to life again, now set off for adventure to save the world....

Extras. Info:

Original title: 勇者 から は 逃げ られ ない!

Fashion in the assembly are made by talented people with HF (hongfaera), for which thanks to them. The authors are in the file names.

And also:

Translation storyline / Story Translation - 85% (by ​​Strannik, joint translation: Strannik and grobodel);
Russian launcher for the game and add-on - Cyber ​​Hunter
  I advise you to start dating! Installation!!!. Txt  
  Yuusha HF Patch version 2.1
Yuusha HF Patch version 2.1 includes:
Official: Yuusha Color Expansion and Item Pack 1-4 by Illusion provided by profundis (prerequisite)
English UI Mod 1.0 by Raiko (interface translation)
HexSubs 1.3F by boned (subtitles and more)
English Launcher 1.0 for Item Pack 4 by TheShadow
Digital English Launcher 1.0 for Item Pack 4 by TheShadow
Uncensor 0.3a by profundis with optional individual pubic hair by lds718
Digital: Silver Dildo by tips (uncensor small mosaic stick)
Digital: Uncle Oak Uncensor by Unknown posted by remymartin1986 (green goblin uncensor)
Eclair Fix by okenok (fix penis rotation problem) New!
110% Save by Suriko
Free Mode Initiative (girls will take initiative in Free Mode as before the Color expansion)
Botsu: Yuusha Botsu English Launcher 1.0 by TheShadow
Botsu: Yuusha Botsu Uncensor 0.3 by profundis
The patch uses this essential tool: PP Extractor v0.7.1 by ScumSuckingPig
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