Immoral Ward (Illusion, CHS Games) [uncen] [2013]




Released: 2013/11/01
Genre: Simulator, SLG, 3D, ADV, Constructor, BDSM, Big breasts, Blowjob, Group, Hospital, Toys, Training, Cosplay
Censorship: Yes, but can be removed

Developer / Illusion
Platform: PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Publication Type: License
License: Freeware
Size: 7.6 Gb

Language game: Japanese
Language: Japanese
CPU: Pentium4 2.4GHz
Graphics Card: VRAM 256MB
Memory: 1GB

ILLUSION latest is a story Immoral to unfold in the hospital .
As to be able to enjoy more the atmosphere of the story , expand the etch scene of real-time movie tailoring in this volume .
Camera operation is possible and which is considered to be able to synchronize with ejaculation story points less appears .
Free etch mode After being cleared because it is equipped of course , it is also possible to enjoy the free play of your favorite !
" Immoral studio " and " premium disk " for bundling award comes further .
Costume of " premium play" becomes available all , or more than 100 dressed in the total number of variations if I match it with this title " premium disk " !
Diorama created and shooting kit " Immoral studio " and . I can reproduce the various scenes in combination clothes and maps , and animation .
Map and items , such as dance animation studio dedicated also recorded , I can create a scene in mercy !


1) mount and install ImmoralWard.iso
2) to (DLC01) package with clothes
3) Replace the exe folder NoDVD Patch
4) Bonus studio and Special premium disk installation as optional extra. element.
installed, most likely at the root of the game a separate folder.
* do not forget:
- Installed in the folder with the English name (for example, Immoral Ward);
- The way the game should not contain folders with Russian names;
- It is advisable to take a short path (for example, F: \ Games \ Immoral Ward);
- To avoid problems, it is recommended to install the Japanese system

_PL__Immoral_Ward.rar - 8.4 Gb

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Immoral Ward Female Uncensor v0.2


IW - Male Uncensor 1.1 - By Rock N Roll Racer


IW Uncensor Ver 0.1 based on PPD's - Part 1


Completed H positions for the H-Scenes


Windowed Fullscreen


[MOD] [Transfer H5] Official No. 8 appended Boots leopard dress modified [[MOD] [转自H5]


[MOD] 3 new models (old) Hairstyle [[MOD] 3款新(舊)髮型]


[MOD] day stop solution do women carry _uv station [[MOD] 日站搬运_uv站女解吗]


[MOD] hair transplant part 3 [[MOD] 髮型移植part 3]


[MOD] hair transplant part2 [[MOD] 髮型移植part2]


[MOD] On 5 sets 髮型 Moemusume make [Mus] [[MOD] 【むすメイク】萌娘髮型組5入]


[MOD] Shadow hunting clothing transplant first bomb ~ ~ ~ Swiss big white Formica ladyDress, attached to clothing transplant brief[[MOD] 猎影服装移植第一弹~~~瑞大的白富美ladyDress,附服装移植简述]


[MOD]Love Girl hairset by hjddm zodgame[[MOD] 愛情女孩髮型組7入]


[Original] Hi Big Dipper Ben ! - Come with me another hairstyle! ! [[原创] 喜大普奔?!——跟我一起来换个发型吧!!]


High heels can not die [[MOD] 高跟鞋不能亡~測試版...(最近有點忙)]


MOD_ Korea lds718 much additional work clothes _[[MOD] [15日更新]MOD_韩国lds718大大作品_追加衣装 ]


Uncensored Sextoys


Illusion VR - Oculus Rift support for Illusion games