> Year: 2012
> Genre: 3D, Simulator, Pose Editor, Constructor
> Censorship: None
> Developer / Publisher: Thrixxx
> Platform: PC / Windows
> Publication Type: pirates
> Medicine: For enclosing
> Version 3D Sex Vi||a: 114.001
> Version Hustler3D: 114.002
> Language: English / German
> Sound language: English / German

  System requirements:
  > System: Windows XP/VISTA/Win7
> Processor: Pentium IV
> Memory: 1024 Mb
> Video: 512 Mb
> Hard disk: 2400 Mb of free space
  The original game is not needed to run. Mods are installed and enabled by default.
The new system of character animation (feature editor), you can edit the positions and create them directly in the desired location
  Added editor persons.
In fashion there is about 40 basic models and 557 third-party models, upgraded textures of some rooms, more than 900 fashion and over 1100 pos.
There are textures of the body in HD quality. Editor poses, editor of toys, etc.


Nothing is cut / no recoded
The way registry maintained
* Two games in one (3D Sex Vi||a and Hust|er3D)
Author repack - Archangel

3D SexVilla 2 & Hustler3Dl.rar - 1.6 GB

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